Historic Imaret

It is one of the most important Ottoman monuments in  Greece.Domes covered with pencil, a symbol of the old city.Curved surfaces, tall chimneys, a turkobarok period, three indoor citrus gardens, one with a cistern. (ο ένας με κινστέρνα).The impressive building complex was a kulliye for Islamic education, built on an older imaret (a poor house). It was founded by Mohamed Ali in 1817 in his native town. After centuries of adventures, it was restored by the family of tobacconists Misirian, becoming today a symbol of history in the city of Kavala.

Panagia: The old town of Kavala

Ready for a walk in the past?Panagia, the old town of Kavala, will travel you in time.The city’s attractions are anxious to discover: the castle and the citadel, Imaret and the old lighthouse, Mohamed Ali’s square with the statue and the “konaki” that was restored by Misirian, the Virgin Mary’s Church, the Hussein Bey Mosque, the 17th-century madrenas, houses of Macedonian architecture painted in the most beautiful colors.Treasures of time are revealed to you at every step. Centuries of history and imprints of different cultures next to each other. And next to you!

The castle and the Acropolis

Its history is too long to fit in a few lines, but the view fits in one word: incredible.In front of you, the old and new city, coves and all around the blue of the Aegean.

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